Below is a list of HBS alumni who have founded companies based in NYC.

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Stephanie Sarka Founder MBA 1990
Morgan Hermand Waiche Founder Adore Me MBA 1996
Dan Zwirn Founder Applied Data Finance MBA 1998
Tony Cheng Founder Archway Health Advisors AB 1992
Nicole Carter CEO/Co Founder BaubleBar
Amy Jain CEO/Co Founder BaubleBar
Jennifer Ross Founder Be Mixed MBA 2014
Brian Bedol CEO/Co Founder Bedrocket Media Ventures MBA 1985
Scott Belsky Founder Behance MBA 2008
Mason Du Co Founder Benbria PLDA 13 2014
Victoria Montgomery-Brown Founder BigThink MBA
Hayley Barna Co-CEO/Co-Founder BirchBox MBA 2010
Katia Beauchamp Co-CEO/Founder Birchbox MBA 2010
Guido Kaelin Founder Blast Realty MBA 2012
Matt Salzberg CEO/Co Founder Blue Apron
Daniel Lambert CEO Board Vitals MBA 2011
Minal Mehta Founder BollyX Fitness MBA 1995
Steven Greenwood Founder Brewster Inc MBA 2005
Bige Doruk Founder Bright Kids NYC Inc. MBA 1991
Jason Liang Founder BringMeThat MBA 2010
Emmanuel Straschnov Founder Bubble MBA 2012
John Mascari Founder Bundle Organics MBA 2012
Michael Jaconi Founder Button OPM 2014
Aaron Rudenstine Founder Citymaps MBA 1995
Leah Tucker Ashley Founder Color Me MBA
Charles Filliettaz Founder Company Plus OPM 43
Divya Gugnani Founder Concept to Co LLC MBA 1956
Yin Ho Founder Context Matters MBA 2000
Oliver Ryan Founder Count It Labs MBA 1997
Yoana Petit Founder CouProm, Inc. MBA 2007
Dareen Hakim Founder Dareen Hakim Collection MBA 2006
Jamyn Edis Founder Dash MBA 2005
Nadia Boujarwah Founder Dia & Co MBA 2013
Lydia Gilbert Founder Dia & Co MBA 2013
Irene Tsterkovny Founder Docurated MBA 2007
Nicholas Horbaczewski Founder Drone Racing League MBA 2008
Brandon Tadesse Founder Dyli MBA 2015
Don Burton Founder EDGE Tech MBA 1989
Eric Marcotulli Founder Elysium Health MBA
Steve Latham Founder Encore Media Metrics MBA 1997
Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux Founder Escape Dynamics, Inc. MBA 2004
Fredrik Maro Founder Evisors MBA 1992
Marc Farrell Founder Fanlime MBA 2010
Adam Enbar Co Founder/CEO Flatiron School MBA 1996
Sloan Eddleston COO Flycleaners MBA 1993
Oge Akyil Founder Foodie for All MBA 2005
Jean Sim Founder Fresh Monster MBA 1984
Brian Elliot Founder Friendfactor MBA 2009
Ted Sullivan Founder GameChanger Media MBA 2006
Scott Meyer Founder Ghostery MBA 1989
Alan Cohen Founder Giant Spoon MBA
Chinedu Echeruo Founder Gigameet MBA 2000
Alexis Maybank Founder Gilt Group MBA 2004
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Founder GLAMSQUAD MBA 1964
Nikki Lawrence Founder Gleem & Co. MBA 2009
Mike McGlade CEO GreenShield MBA 2009
Emmanuel A. Simon Founder Grsp MBA 2008
Edward Olebe Founder Grsp MBA 2000
Halsey Schroeder Founder Halsbrook MBA 1996
Jim Sherman Founder/Ceo Hamptons Lane MBA 1991
Kate Hao Founder Happy Mango MBA 2004
Nathan Ie Founder Healogram MBA 2014
Jessica Beck Founder Hello Alfred MBA 2015
Marcela Sapone CEO Hello Alfred MBA 2015
Eugene Kakaulin Founder Hiline Coffee Company MBA 2010
Navin T Founder Indie Fresh MBA 2003
Nell Derick Debevoise Founder Inspiring Capital MBA 2013
Beri Meric Founder IVY MBA 2010
Philipp Triebel Founder IVY MBA 2010
Nathan Faust Founder MBA 2008
Cheryl Han Founder Keaton Row MBA 2011
Elenor Mak Founder Keaton Row MBA 1977
Gary Kreissman Co Founder KeyVersion MBA 1998
Darius Goore Founder KidNimble MBA
Don Mathis Founder Kinetic Social MBA
Prithvi Raj Head of Product Kitchensurfing MBA
Deena Malkina Co-Founder, CEO KitNipBox MBA 2012
Marc Cenedella Founder Knozen MBA 1998
Sarah Paiji CMO LAUNCH MBA 2010
Alexa von Tobel Founder/CEO
Annie Webber Founder LegalHero MBA 2010
Om Lala Founder Leo MBA 1996
Joanna Stone Herman Founder Librify MBA 1997
Karl Redenbach Founder LiveTiles OPM 2012
Mark Lurie CEO Lofty MBA 2012
Katina Mountanos Founder Manicube MBA 2008
Elizabeth Whitman Founder Manicube MBA 2008
Caleb Merkl Founder Maple MBA 1992
Rie Yano Founder Material Wrld MBA 1996
Jie Zheng Founder Material Wrld MBA 2010
Barry Korn CFO Meatball Shop MBA 1994
Klaus Koenigshausen Founder Mediquire MBA 2011
Doug Schulman CEO Mergence Studios OPM 2010
Aditya Pialy Founder Mintbox MBA 1989
Tiffany Pham Founder MOGUL MBA 2006
Paul Nadjarian Founder Mojo Motors MBA 2000
Anupam Singhal Founder Monaeo 2001
Andrew Boer President Movable Media MBA 1999
Andrea Riposati Founder Muse MBA 2009
Ian Chiang Founder Ola Health MBA 2001
Jennie Baik Founder Orchard Mile MBA 2008
Josh Kushner Oscar
Kevin Nazemi Founder Oscar MBA
Mario Schlosser Founder Oscar MBA 1994
Jeffrey LeBlanc Founder Out of Print Clothing MBA 2003
Aditya Julka Founder Paddle 8 MBA 2009
Firdevs Abacioglu Founder Physioh Inc. MBA 2013
Kate Picket Owner Pickett’s Press MBA 2003
Lily-Hayes Kaufman Founder Pitchslap Productions MBA 2010
Joshua Hix Founder Plated MBA 2010
Nick Taranto Plated
Shaan Kandawalla Founder PlayDate Digital Inc. MBA 2004
Francois de Lame Founder Policy Genius MBA 1975
Jeff Kupietsky Founder Power in Box MBA 1998
Frida Polli Founder Pymetrics MBA 2011
Joe Doran Founder Rallyverse MBA 1996
Charles Albert Gorra Founder Rebagg MBA 2014
Dazhi Chen Founder Relevant Mobile MBA 2003
Jennifer Fleiss Founder Rent the Runway MBA 2009
Jennifer Hyman CEO/Co Founder Rent the Runway
Daniel Etra Founder Rethink Autism MBA 2000
Harman Kochar Founder RetSKU MBA 1968
Kevin Flammia Founder RF Madison MBA 2013
John Reynolds Founder RF Madison MBA 2015
Amy Kadomatsu Founder ROKO Labs MBA 1998
Gil Addo Founder Rubicon MD MBA 2011
Carlos Reines Founder Rubicon MD MBA 2014
Thai Lee CEO SHI MBA 1985
Christian Vizcaino CEO/CTO Shipster MBA 2009
Tom Melcher Founder Show-Score MBA 1989
Mark Crowther General Manager Six Point MBA 1990
Eric Price Founder SkyMD MBA 2010
Mari Joller Founder SNAZZ MBA 1978
Victoria Song Founder MBA 2014
David Ronick Founder StashInvest MBA 1994
Sarah Endline Founder Sweetriot MBA 2001
Sarah Kauss Founder Swell MBA 2003
Danielle Weinblatt Founder Take the Interview MBA 2010
Anila Venkat Founder Tandem Lane MBA 1999
Andrew Merkatz President Tapinator MBA 1995
Sonia Kapadia Founder Taste Savant MBA 1994
Dave Smith Founder TekScape OPM 48
Sonali Mathur CEO TestRocker MBA 2011
Jonathan Metrick Founder The Agility Project MBA 2009
Kari Saitowitz Founder the fhitting room MBA 1969
Alex Dulac Founder MBA
Bart Clareman Founder Tiggly MBA 2013
Phyl Georgiou Founder Tiggly MBA 2013
Aslaug Magnusdottir Founder Tinker Tailor MBA 2010
Aunim Hossain CEO Tista Games
Karen Moon Founder Trendalytics MBA 2011
Beth Stewart Founder Trewtec, Inc MBA 1982
Shaun Zacharia Founder TripleLift MBA 2014
Ian Henderson Founder tuneteams MBA 2000
Jessica Matthews Founder Unchartered Play MBA 2014
Russell Tenser Founder United Wind OPM 49
Nik Raman Founder uSell MBA 2010
Asha Banker Founder Verdant Learning MBA 2002
Andrew Eisner Founder Veritonic MBA 2002
Amanda Eilian Founder Videolicious MBA
Benjamin Kubic Founder Virgent Realty MBA 2015
Ronald Mitchell Founder Virgil MBA 1997
Kjartan Olafsson Founder Volta Labs MBA 2005
Daniel Kafie Founder Vostu MBA 2007
Jamie Rosen Founder WayBetter MBA 1998
Lindsay Jurist-Rosner Founder Wellthy MBA 2009
Jeremy Stoppelman CEO/Co Founder Yelp MBA 2005
Zameer Kassam Founder Zameer Kassam Fine Jewerly MBA 1995